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Marketing Muse: Frequency vs. Reach and Establishing Your Brand

Frequency in marketing is far more important than reach. But if you hammer somebody over the head with the same message, they will inevitably tune you out. There are too many alternatives in today’s market, regardless of which segment or industry you are playing in.

In marketing, both our time and our money is limited. The same applies to our customers. Customers will choose to pay attention to the things that apply to them, to their interests and needs, and are more likely to purchase from a name they trust. Big name brands have instant trust, simply because of their reputation and length of time in the market. So, how do the little guys get a slice of the pie?

One of the most important aspects is frequency. Each time a potential customer sees your name, hears a positive review, sees a benefit, reads something informative, they become more familiar with your brand… and familiarity breeds trust. Providing the content is good.

Content is just as important as frequency. Think about it. If you open your e-mail and continually receive e-mails from the same company asking you to buy something, chances are high you will ‘unsubscribe’ from that list. Nobody wants to be continually taken from. Through your eyes, you may be selling something of incredibly high value, but the consumer will just see the plea for money and tune you out.

Marketing is about building trust. Trust is relational. It is essential to develop relationships with your target market. Effective marketing focuses on quality, rather than quantity. It may LOOK effective to have 100,000 followers and just as many e-mail subscribers, but if none of those followers are engaging with your company (read: buying!), then it really isn’t effective.

The key is to narrow down your target. Determine who your target market is, and work to get your brand in front of that target. Rather than selling your product right off the bat, work to build familiarity, then trust. Write blog posts related to your industry, not necessarily your product. For example, if you are selling jewellery, you could write about fashion – how to pull together an outfit, colour matching, backgrounds of gems, current trends, pairing the right jewellery with the right look, etc. Rather than focusing on the products you are selling, you are proving yourself to be an expert in your field, which gains the interest of your target market. The more they trust you as a source of information, the more interested they will be in what you have to offer.

Instead of attempting to reach the masses, focus on frequency with a select few. Focus on gaining trust rather than selling. Become an industry leader to your selected target, and slowly evolve. Everything worth anything takes time.


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