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To dreams! And to living lives that create them!

Dream and Pursue. I chose this name for my blog because I believe in dreaming, and following your dreams. People often think that means you have a big dream and follow it whole-heartedly. Though I agree with this in essence, I believe most fall into their dreams… little by little by living life.

How can you know what you love to do if you haven’t done anything? As you live life, the pieces start to fall into place.

I attended a conference by Pat Falvey, an adventurer, entrepreneur and motivational speaker. I wonder if he would have been able to have the foresight at 29 to see where he would be today; I wonder if he even thought to dream that big. Though already successful, he had overtraded and lost everything. He battled discouragement and depression, and a friend encouraged him to come hillwalking. He resisted, having no interest. Finally to make his friend leave him alone, he went… and fell in love. (With hillwalking – not the friend!) On that very first walk, a dream entered his heart to climb Mt. Everest. Not only has he achieved that dream but became the first person to climb the seven highest mountains in the world… twice!!

And I wonder if Soichiro Honda had the foresight to dream a dream that would make his name known worldwide. I wonder if, as he sat in his bicycle repair shop, he had it in him to dream so big. I believe dreams happen incrementally. Soichiro Honda applied for an apprenticeship at a car repair shop, where his dreams shifted from repairing bicycles, to repairing cars, to building parts, then motorbikes, then cars, and his name became an international brand….

I love hearing stories of how people’s lives have evolved and taken shape based on an experience or accomplishment. Variety is the spice of life, and I have made a personal resolution to explore my interests, and those outside my current scope. I love to try new things, go new places, meet new people… and I will use this blog to chronicle some of my experiences on this journey of life.



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