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Jeremy Meeks is a convicted felon who has been arrested multiple times. The tear drop tattoo by his eye is a symbol worn as a badge for having killed someone, and being a member of the Crips. The Crips is one of the largest and most violent associations of street gangs in the United States. Yet, when the police station posted this mans photo along with others who had been arrested, his pic went viral. Women made comments about wishing he would kidnap them, and rape them.   All that for a pretty face?




Ishay Hadas is an Israeli advertising producer who was travelling through Ethiopia. He checked out the only bar in the village where his group stayed one night, and met a 19 year old orphan, Sofiya. The bar doubled as a brothel, and Hadas was struck by the innocence in the young girl who seemed so out of place.

He turned on his camera and started interviewing the girl, asking what she would do if she had enough money to do anything she wanted. Her dream was to be a nurse.

This amazing man told Sofiya that he would pay for her to attend high school and college, on the condition that she left the bar. He made her sign a contract that she would stay in school and stay away from prostitution. He drove her to the biggest city, some 200 miles away, and dropped her off with $300 (basically one months salary in Ethiopia) and a promise to wire her money every month. He didn’t know if he would hear from her. But he did – and he wired her money – every month for nine years. He didn’t have any guarantee that she was indeed studying, but he believed in the goodness of people.

Almost a decade later, Hadas received an e-mail that Sofiya was about to graduate with a degree in pharmacology.   This incredible man gave this young woman the opportunity to escape a dark and terrible life, and to become more than she thought she could be… she recognized the gift and worked hard to create a new destiny and identity.

Would you look twice at this man if you passed him on the street? Probably not.

It is amazing the emphasis we place on physical beauty.  It’s like eating a chocolate covered cotton ball.  Physical appearance does not define a person, and yet our society seems to prove otherwise.

Check out this video:

But physical appearance does not define a person.  Have you ever spent time with a physically beautiful person, with no depth?  I have.  Five minutes in their presence and I am looking for an escape route.  It’s sort of like the incredibly uncharming Gasteau in Beauty and the Beast.    In cartoon-world he’s good-looking, but that is all he has going for him.  We need more Belle’s in the world.  People who will look past the exterior, and see the person.

In contrast, have you ever spent time with somebody who was not particularly attractive –  but their heart is so beautiful, their eyes so full of life, their lives so interesting and their smile so vibrant – that they become beautiful?

I love this man Ishay Hadas – I love how he interrupted his holiday and invested in a young girls life – completely changing the course of her destiny.  I love how he saw past her current circumstances.  He saw potential and invested in this precious life.


Who do you find the most beautiful?


Jeremy Meeks

Ishay Hadas

Ishay Hadas


  1. This is one area where meritocracy and general fairness falls down too, with better-looking people more likely to get promotions and raises:


    And even being rewarded by jurors:


    Very hard to change human nature.

    One interesting aspect for me is how the ‘average’ person looks in mainstream TV shows and movies, compared to how they looked in the 60s, 70s, and 80s. Nearly everyone in modern visual entertainment is expected to have perfectly-sculpted bodies and beautiful faces. Of course, it’s easy and cliché to blame media for society’s problems, though it must play a part.


  2. Wow! That is both crazy and interesting! I had read similar articles about promotion, but in a jury setting… wow! You are right, it is in us as humans and I am sure it has been since the dawn of time. We all like pretty things. I just think it is crazy that SO much emphasis is on physical appearance, rather than who the person is. I agree that media plays a role. I do think the bias towards beautiful is innately within us, but media we are constantly exposed to creates a new normal.


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