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When You Move to Another Country… With Kids!

This morning my children were joking around and my daughter tried to imitate an American accent…and failed!!  My daughter is American!

I can’t quite put into words the strange feeling that comes when your own child tries to imitate her native accent…and can’t do it! It made me laugh and also made me realize how fully my children have adapted to Irish life.

We have only been living in Ireland for two and a half years. Here are some snapshots of our time here, and a glimpse into some of the cultural aspects that are so different from Canada (where I am from) and America (where my kids were born). 

In some ways it feels like we have stepped back in time….

  • the kids are safe to play on the streets in the neighbourhoodskids on the street
  • Each town or village has a “Sweet Shop”, ours is “Auntie Nellie’s”… it feels like something from a movie or Little House on the Prairie… or it did when we first moved here. Now, it would be weird NOT to be able to take the kids to a sweet shop….auntnellies
  • The kids wear uniforms to schoolIrish School Uniforms



Irish Sayings:

 “I will, yeah”…. Mostly means they won’t… but sometimes means they will!

Gouganbarra Chapel


“It’s lashing” – it’s raining (really hard)


“Lasher” – a pretty woman (not sure about the correlation there…lashing…lasher…)

Killarney Castle

“Langer” – not exactly sure of the definition of this one, but it’s definitely an insult




Oh… and Irish Names!!

Some of the funniest times here have been taking phone calls at work…

Aiofe …. I should make you guess the pronunciation of these names!!! But I won’t… I’ll be nice – phonetically EE – fa


Caoimhe….phonetically – Queeva



Niamh – pronounced Neeve

Fort Charles


Diarmuid – Deermud (sorry any Diarmuids out there, but that is how it sounds!!)

Cliffs of Moher


And as you can see, landscapes that take your breathe away become the norm,  Castles and castle ruins are everywhere.  Literally – you stop even noticing!   And people that make you feel at home, and make you laugh so hard you cry, are everywhere!  The Irish people are definitely some of the friendliest on the planet!

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A Canadian girl, living in Cork, Ireland. I believe life is to be lived, and lived fully.

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