Perspective and Mindset
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Mirror, Mirror

Life is all about perspective.

 Who you are is the outcome of how you see yourself. There is a theory that says that we base our view of ourselves on the way other people view us. Though, I believe there is truth in that, I believe moreso that other people view us in light of the way we view ourselves.

If a person is insecure, that will affect their actions, mannerisms and choices. This affects the way other people view that person. But it stems from that persons initial perspective.

 In contrast, when a person is confident, this also comes out in their actions, and in the subtle ways in which they communicate. 

I had an interesting conversation with my boss the other day. We were talking about an idea for a marketing angle, but it lead into a conversation on perspective – and how different people view the same thing differently. He said he would be interested in knowing how different people view me – my parents, my kids, my ex, my best friends.     It really got me thinking.

 Different people in my life do view me differently. But what really matters is how I view myself. Who am I? And who do I want to be? And do the two align?

 Some people are lucky enough to have no regrets. I know there is no benefit in regret. But there are years that I would erase if I could.   During those years, I remember many times thinking about how I wasn’t living in line with my dreams, I wasn’t doing the things that I had always wanted to do.   But, I had so much respect for certain people in my life, (and I am beginning to realize, so little confidence in my own self), that I gave myself fully to that path. I remember crying, thinking that one day I will look back on these choices and be happy that I made them. They felt like sacrifices at the time, but I believed it was good for the long term. But I am not happy. Truly, those are the only years I regret.

To anybody who stumbles upon this blog post, always be true to yourself. Never have so much respect for another, no matter how successful or highly esteemed, that you lose your respect and trust in yourself. Follow your dreams. Follow your heart. Work hard, laugh a lot, be kind and be interested in life.   Take time to discover new interests and to explore them. Get to know different people – people with characteristics that intrigue you and that you would like to have. Befriend a variety of people, from all different countries and backgrounds. Read. Read a lot.  And like yourself. Be confident.

Each person you meet will see you in a different light. But the way you see yourself, the way you live and are true to your passions and dreams, creates that light.

What matters is how you see yourself

What matters is how you see yourself

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