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You can be anything you want in life….except, maybe, a unicorn!

Within the past month I have started meditating.  It’s something I have read about for years, fascinated by the benefits and the ability meditating has to physically change the brain.  I have enjoyed the experience, and so when my son got angry this week about something, I wondered if meditation might help.

So, I grabbed his hand and brought him to the living room.  My seven year old daughter skipped happily along, joining us.  We all sat cross-legged on the floor.  I played a guided meditation, and we all closed our eyes.  (I admit I peeked to see if my kids were doing it.  They looked so serene and calm it made me smile).  Within the first few minutes the voice which was guiding the meditation said, “Envision what you want to be in life.”

My daughter whispered, “I’m envisioning a unicorn!  I want to be a unicorn!”unicorn

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A Canadian girl, living in Cork, Ireland. I believe life is to be lived, and lived fully.

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