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Cherish the Moment

Live in the moment. The expression has become so common it is almost cliché. And yet, is there a cliché with more truth?


We are so connected, so easily contacted – so easily distracted. One study showed that people check their phones an average of 150 times a day. ONE HUNDRED AND FIFTY!!

How many of us have dreamed of having children?   I remember thinking about names I would give to my children when I was still young enough to be playing with dolls. I remember growing up and wishing for a baby, dreaming about tiny footsteps in the hall…

…. Yet how many times when I hear those tiny footsteps, is my reaction, “Go back to bed?”

How many times have I spent time checking my phone when my kids are playing in the same room?

There is nothing wrong with either of these things, naturally. And in real-life, parenting is exhausting. In fact, the happiest parents take time for themselves, to do things they love – if you are a happy and fulfilled person, you will be a better parent to your children.

The irony though, is that we check our phones when we are with our kids, and look at pics of our kids when they aren’t with us.


I am discovering the power of living in the moment. And the transforming power of happiness. I’ve watched my children get upset about some thing or another – in a fit of tears or anger, which may normally instigate a negative response – and yet I have noticed recently how I have power to change the entire atmosphere with a hug, or a cute quip, such as “How does it feel to be the most beautiful little girl in the world?” Moments that were charged with potential for stress and discord can morph into moments of hugs and tickles and kisses.   As moms, we hold more power than we realize.

And sometimes, it is as simple as living in the moment.

Which is more important?

Getting to school on time (even if it means crying, upset kids) or getting to school a few minutes late, with kids smiling as they skip off, turning back to blow a kiss.

Checking Facebook or talking about fairies and unicorns?  I bet you won’t reminisce about the moment you checked Facebook…

I walked into a boutique toy store recently, and was surprised to see that nearly all the toys in the store were ‘too babyish’ for my kids. How did this happen?

The other night, after bedtime kisses and stories and tuck-ins, I sat down on the couch for some much-deserved moments alone. When I heard the once dreamed for, now dreaded, pitter-patter of tiny feet. My oldest daughter (admittedly not so tiny anymore) came into the room, “Mom, how about you and I watch some Youtube clips of Ellen? Just you and I?”

I smiled wryly. How many more nights do I have where my daughter will sneak downstairs for some one on one time with Mommy?

Needless to say, we were soon watching Ellen on youtube… and it wasn’t long before we heard the pitter patter of more little feet… soon snuggled up on the couch for “just one last clip”

One day, I will be remembering these moments.  Yet, I can only have these beautiful memories if I choose to create them.


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  1. Craig Smith says

    I would really love to comment a certain on this but it would be too revealing. So I will comment on what I can. I agree with your summation: I can only have these beautiful memories if I choose to create them.

    Thank you for sharing


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