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Put yourself in the way of beauty – make the Best of the Worst

Last night I saw the movie Wild. Based on a true story, it is a girl who basically becomes self-destructive after her mother’s death. She faced inexplicable pain, losing the person closest to her, and it drove her to do things she had never done before, like use heroin and have sex with anybody who asked. However, losing her mom, then losing herself served as a catalyst to her deciding to walk the Pacific Crest Trail, seeking to become the woman her Mother always saw her to be. The walk changed her. She overcame challenges that she didn’t see possible. To say she found herself wouldn’t quite encompass it. She lived passionately and acted drastically in order to create herself.  There was a line in the movie that was repeated throughout, “You can put yourself in the way of beauty.”  What a beautiful goal – live life and intentionally put yourself in the way of beauty.


Another true story that has been made into a book and movie is Eat, Pray, Love. This story has had a huge impact on my own personal life as much of the personality, perspective and circumstances resonate with who I am and my own journey. Elizabeth Gilbert divorced from a dead marriage. Soon after, she threw herself into another relationship, losing her individual sense of identity. In a search to rediscover (or re-create) herself, she took a year to travel. Four months in Italy to discover happiness – the love of food and language, four months in India to discover spirituality – seeking to master the art of meditation, and four months in Bali, to balance out the discipline of spirituality and meditation with the love of life and happiness.

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Both of these women faced difficult circumstances, and perhaps did things to drown their pain and find a sense of happiness, before allowing these painful experiences to serve as a catalyst to an amazing adventure. Once embarked, it changed the core essence of their lives forever, and gave them a new and healthier perspective on life. When I look back on the past year of my own life, I understand why these stories resonate so deeply.   In the truest sense, this past year has been both the best and the worst of my life, a continual oxymoron of life, passion and circumstance. Outwardly, I have faced so many obstacles, setbacks and difficulties. I feel like one day I will look back and laugh “How the heck did all of THAT happen in ONE year?!”   ” Simultaneously, it has been the best year of my life. I am genuinely happy and pursuing my goals, following my interests, discovering and creating myself. I have made mistakes but I don’t regret any of them, as I have learned more about life, about myself, and who I want to be. A strength, fortitude, drive and confidence has been emerging through times of laughter, wonderful moments, amazing friends, and circumstances that have seemed impossible but haven’t stopped me. It is amazing how the most difficult and potentially devastating circumstances can push us to become more than we thought possible, when we strive to become our best selves and live life on purpose.

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A Canadian girl, living in Cork, Ireland. I believe life is to be lived, and lived fully.


  1. I hope that the lessons from your past will serve you with the best and most inspirational possible way. I wish that this year will be the first of the best years that are yet to come ❤


  2. Thanks 🙂 I mustn’t have articulated the positives as strongly as I hoped. This year has had many difficult circumstances, but the point I was trying to drive was that each has served as a catalyst to better things, new understandings, deeper strengths and truer happiness. So, though I wouldn’t choose to live this year over, I wouldn’t trade it for the world! ❤

    I also wish you the very best in 2015 – it will be exciting for sure!


  3. You know what I love about the hard times in my past? I love that I now enjoy the peace SO MUCH. After reading this post I sat here and thought about the last decade of my life. Ten years ago I was in a very difficult situation and was extremely unhappy. As I made steps to come out of the situation it only became more difficult. For about two years I struggled and even made some very rotten decisions, but slowly I came out of it…the struggle subsided. Now I look back and realize how full of peace my life is. I’m relaxed, happy, in love, satisfied. The difficulties did matter, and they definitely shaped me today, but I love being on the other side of them, too!


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