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Live life on purpose – today!

Dream as if you'll live forever

Dream as if you'll live forever

Live life on purpose. It’s a common expression, and for good reason. We only have one. It requires action, to move forward in the direction of your dreams. But sometimes it also requires experimentation, allowing yourself the freedom to try new things – and make mistakes. Living life this way is incredibly freeing. You can find a positive in almost every situation by choosing to live purposefully, focus on the positive, and allowing yourself a little slack not to be perfect.

It is important to do what you want to do. I have made mistakes in my life, but I don’t regret the ones that were my choice. That may sound strange, because ultimately everything each of us does is our choice – but it is possible to forfeit a piece of yourself because you don’t recognize your value. It is so important to love yourself, acknowledge your own worth and trust your instincts.    It is possible to place more value on other people in your life than you do on yourself, and this is never healthy. This opens you up to trusting another persons’ opinion, or perspective to dictate your own actions. There was a season in my life where this was true for me – I stifled my own desires and dreams in an effort do “what is right”. I’ve talked a lot on this blog about a season in my life that I wish I could delete. I am sure those who don’t know me envision me having done some horrible, wild and crazy things – but in fact, I tried too hard to live perfectly – and in the process, didn’t live at all.

The empowerment in living life on purpose is that nothing is ever really a failure. You may start a business, and it may not work – but I guarantee in the process you will learn far more than you ever could have otherwise. You may open your heart and fall in love, and perhaps have your heart broken – but does something that is beautiful have to last forever?   There is something so freeing about enjoying life for today, and if it doesn’t work, carry the good and learn from the bad.   You may make yourself vulnerable and you may be rejected, you may try and fail – but if you see each experience as one step in your journey to live your best life, you realize you gained the ability to marry strength with softness, courage with humility.

You’ll only regret the chances you didn’t take, relationships you were afraid to have, and the decisions you waited too long to make. Don’t worry about doing everything “right” – follow your heart, work towards your dreams, spend time with people you love, get to know people outside of your circle, step outside of your comfort zone, try something new, fail, succeed. Today is your chance to write your story.


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