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Friendship. One of the things I am the most thankful for in life are my friends. My life has taken many unexpected turns over the years, and yet the one constant has been that I have had amazing friends. They haven’t always been the same. I am friends with people I was friends with since I was a child, and others since I was a teen, but life has brought me to different places – some friends have come into my life, played an important role, and then life led us in different directions. Other friends have stayed the course, some unexpectedly.

The amazing thing in life is that you never know exactly what the future holds, or who will be a part of it. There are people now who I consider my closest friends, yet years ago I never would have guessed these people would still be in my life. And then there are others with whom I shared such a close and special bond that I thought they’d be in my life until I died, and yet we are no longer in touch. Sometimes it has been by betrayal, and other times just circumstances of life. But the same can be said of those who are still in my life – sometimes it has been circumstances that have brought us together, and other times it has been such an undying loyalty.

Have you ever noticed that different people connect with different aspects of who you are? I have friends that are so different from each other, I am sure they would hate each other if ever they met – and yet each of them resonates so closely with some aspects of my own character and person. The other amazing thing about friends is that the connection goes beyond natural understanding. I am a completely different person than I was 20 years ago – and yet I have more than one friend from that time period, and when we meet, it’s as though not even a day has passed since we were besties.

Cherish your friends, and invest in them. If life brings a wedge, it’s okay, life will also bring another gift – some friends come for a season, and some friends are forever.

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A Canadian girl, living in Cork, Ireland. I believe life is to be lived, and lived fully.

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