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How to make your dreams come true

Don't let your dreams just be dreams


The first step is dream. Play with ideas. Explore interests. Read books. Meet new people. I love the quote that says ‘You will be the same person in five years as you are today, except for the people you meet and the books you read”. This resonates with me, as books and people open your mind and introduce you to new ideas and ways of life. Don’t be afraid to try new things.

“You can’t achieve dreams you don’t have”  – Jay Samit


It sounds simple, perhaps a bit cliché, but – just do it! Just start! When you embark on a new journey or set your hand to a new venture, you are going to be a beginner. You can’t learn everything you need to know through books, people or training – you have to just start. Take the jump. The unknown can be scary, but it is the only real way to attain mastery.

Don't let your dreams just be dreams

 Keep Going

Or fail. Failing isn’t bad. “Failing is trying something that doesn’t work. Failure is giving up” – Jay Samit. Nothing could be more true!   Play-doh is practically a right of childhood, and yet wouldn’t have been if its creator didn’t keep going. It started out as a wallpaper cleaner. But flopped. Apparently, the entrepreneurs’ sister had children who started to play with the compund – a little colour and repackaging – and the rest is history! He kept going.   And he was open to change course. Sometimes your dreams change. Plans deviate from the starting point. Go with it. See obstacles as opportunities and keep going!

I started a business a few years ago, and closed it about a year and a half later. Some may view that as a failure. To me, it was the greatest thing I have ever done. I learned so much, gained new skills, discovered new interests, met amazing people – all of which would have never happened had I not started. I closed my business, but through it, I discovered a love for marketing – which is what I am doing today – and I absolutely love it. It’s so amazing to love what you do! The path changed, but I wouldn’t have discovered this path except for the one I started, and the drive to keep going.

At a fashion show, when I had my business - one step in the journey!

At a fashion show, when I had my business – one step in the journey!

Grit & Determination

Stories like these sound glamorous in hindsight. In reality, there is discouragement when an idea fails. It is disheartening to invest so much of yourself into something and it doesn’t work. There will be days you will feel like you can’t do it. There are frustrations, and hardships, but don’t give up. Keep your head up and keep going. Your obstacles and difficulties will later add depth to your story of success! Everything sounds good in hindsight. It takes grit and determination to keep going when you can’t see the next step.


Follow your passions. Sometimes it requires starting on one path to discover your true passion.  But do what you love, and focus on what you are good at. Develop your strengths. It makes work fun, which drives you to succeed – and makes the journey enjoyable! Passion is infectious! People will catch your vision. You will want to work harder, because you love it. There isn’t much greater in life than to do what you love. So, choose what you love – and do it!


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