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Tonight, I am thankful for friends.  I feel incredibly lucky to have such amazing people in my life.  I absolutely love the fact that I have people who I talk to every single day – sometimes about nothing, sometimes about everything!  I love how sometimes time will pass – a year, ten years – and I find myself with a friend as if not a minute has passed.  I love the silly laughter, the ability to forget the cares of life and just giggle like girls.  I love the deep conversation, where we make plans to solve all the problems of the world.  I love the people who call me or send me texts “Oh my god – this happened – what should I do?”… and I can ask them the exact same question – and do!  I love having amazing people who let me vent on those days where it seems the world is falling apart!   I’m thankful for friends who lend me their husbands to help with stupid projects that I feel paralyzed to handle.  I love having friends who laugh at me and the crazy situations I find myself in.   The wine nights.  The Skype calls.  The ‘stop-everything-I-need-you’ calls.  The friends I can look to for advice and those I can help along the way.  And then the friends where you forget all the cares of the world, and just laugh.   I love that I have friends in so many different places, from so many different backgrounds, with different life paradigms and interests.  I love my friends who love on my kids.  I love friends who have known me at various stages of life.  And those I haven’t known long but with whom you ‘just click’.

Friendship is a truly beautiful thing.  We are shaped by the people we spend time with, and I feel incredibly lucky to have such beautiful, smart, funny and amazing people in my life!


  1. Single Mom Thrives says

    Love it! yes the first year is THE HARDEST! and you are right, there is a definite lack of single mom REAL LIFE blogs. i’m sorry, the money blogs are great, but i was more concerned with sleeping, eating and not crying!! i love this so much. it’s like you had the same experience as me! hugs!


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