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Bad day?

This post is more of a personal chat over a glass of wine than a formal blog post.  I woke up this morning and received some bad news.  Nothing major, yet it hit me where it hurts and sent me spinning.  I felt overwhelmed and like life is one step forward, two steps back.  Yesterday, I secured a contract that I really wanted and was feeling very happy about the success of my business.  I was telling a friend of mine how I can totally understand how certain high power women stay single.  I get such a buzz from my business.  When things go well, I get this high that parallels the thrill of falling in love – only it’s deeper because it’s rooted in something I created myself.

Today, I got sucker-punched.  We all have those days though, don’t we?  My little bit of bad news skewed my entire life perspective.  Instead of feeling like I can do anything I set my mind to, (a sentiment I believe and ‘felt’ only yesterday) today I felt like it was all a bit too much.  It’s impossible.  I questioned everything.  As much as I believe in the power of women to accomplish absolutely anything they set their minds and hearts to, today, I succumbed to the other side of being a woman – being soft, emotional and vulnerable.   I just felt like I wanted somebody to lean on  – not even a man, my mom or sister-in-law would do just fine.  I just felt alone and not up for the task.

I never write publicly from a low place.  I believe that our thoughts determine our actions which ultimately shape our lives.  I want this blog to always have an uplifting tone, but I decided to write because I realised days like this aren’t a bad thing.  In fact, they are just par for the course.

The thing is, I’m not alone.  Hindsight makes everything sexy.  Oprah, Lucille Ball, Walt Disney and J.K Rowling were all rejected. They all had bad days.  The punch doesn’t hold the power to stop you – it’s your own determination to get back up and keep fighting.

I shared briefly with a friend that I was having a bad day. They made me promise to treat myself, and insisted on photo evidence!  So, I bought myself a bottle of good Italian wine and retreated to the keyboard to write. It’s amazing how powerful a glass of wine is, especially when coupled with your passion.  So, darling, treat yourself.  And if you are having a bad day, understand you are in good company.  It’s par for the course.  But never, ever let go of your dreams!  Pour yourself a drink and put on some lipstick – you’ve got this!





  1. We all have those bad moments and bad days. Confidence is such a fragile thing …we need to live and ‘feel’ those bad moments but realise how quickly they disappear. I hope that vino made you realise that you are actually doing great! Well done for posting a ‘real’ blog post – it adds so much value to all the other positive ones. Greg


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