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Life Changing Lessons from a Fish

Ever have days where you feel like you just can’t make it?  You have dreams and goals, but they just seem out of reach?  Ever want to be a better version of yourself than how you currently feel?

Let me tell you about the African Cychlid Fish. There are two varieties of the male species, the T and NT fish.  The T fish is an alpha male sort, he is bright blue or yellow with striking black bands near his eyes.  He is well endowed, attractive to the female fish and dominates his territory with pride.

 T fish

The NT fish, in contrast, is a dowdy grey, very similar to the female.  He is infertile with shrunken testes, and hides lurking in the shadows.

NT fish

The amazing thing is that NT fish have been known to become T fish.  It isn’t a caterpillar/butterfly thing, it’s not a stage or right of passage. However, it’s possible.  This often happens when an NT fish takes the territory that was previously dominated by a T fish, for whatever reason.  The first change is in the brain – the brain actually changes!  And then, the body follows, the dawdy grey is replaced by a vibrant blue or yellow, the previously shrunken testes are now well endowed – and fertile.

This is such a fabulous analogy of life, and the power of the mind.  I am a firm believer that we create our own reality -both through our mindset and our actions.  The two are intrinsically intertwined.  The NT fish physically transformed by changing his mind, how much  more is possible for us as complex humans?  Everything that we are, everything we do, everything we say is a result of mindset.  And action.

It is an action that triggers the burst in brain growth and physical transformation. Though the bright colours favour the T fish as the Alpha Male among the females, it also makes them more noticable to hungry predators.  Occasionally, a bird will sweep down and take a T fish for his lunch, leaving his territory free.  When an NT takes actual action to move into this territory, THEN, his brain is triggered and his life, as well as appearance, is changed.

The trick is owning one’s mind.  We all have the power to adjust our view point on life.  Have you ever had a really bad day, and then something wonderful happened, and instantly your mood changed?

There are certain triggers we all have.  Gratitude is incredibly powerful.  As are recognising our achievements and accomplishments.  It’s a matter of changing your perspective. And it’s also a matter of stepping into that role.  Acting like the person you want to be.  Working on your goals and dreams – putting in the sweat and fighting the obstacles that stand in your way, carrying on when you feel like you can’t.  And every once in a while, the obstacles seem bigger than you can handle and you feel yourself starting to fade back to a dull lustreless grey… and then you just keep acting like that T fish.  Step into it in your actions and make it your reality.  Other times, you will be presented with an opportunity that feels way bigger than you.  Yes, you’ve worked, you’ve dreamed, you’ve put in the hours, but now that it’s in front of you… can you do it?

The key to success is the marriage of mindset and action.  Own that territory you T-fish! Even if it scares the caviar right out of you!

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A Canadian girl, living in Cork, Ireland. I believe life is to be lived, and lived fully.

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