Naomi Sirmans


Life is to be lived and lived fully!  I am a Canadian girl, who lived in the United States for the bulk of my adult life, and now live in Cork, Ireland.

I love to travel, read, write, workout, try new things, and I love people!   Rather than write a boring biography of my accomplishments, I’d like to share some of my favourite experiences in life so far….

-Ran a half marathon (in Nashville) to raise money for a 6 year old victim of Leukemia

– Hiked in the rainforest in Puerto Rico

– Started my own business

– Helped to make wine at a vineyard in Italy

– Taught English at a children’s camp in Russia – brought toys to the gypsy street children and had my wallet stolen by their parents… and would do it all over again to see those kids smile!

– Took a Sugarcraft Master Course with my cake idol, David from David Cakes in Liverpool.

– Snorkelled in St. John in the Caribbean

– Travelled to Italy, alone – got lost – ended up walking on the highway (in heels!), ate amazing pastry and drank even better coffee before finding my way back!

– Ate crepes on the Champs Elyseus in Paris

– Had an affair with Tony Robbins, Jay Samit, and Seth Godin … ok, ok.. I’ve never met any of them.  That’s the power of books for ya!  My reading affairs!  Three of my favourite authors (although my favourite authors are ever evolving and changing… I may be in love with a new mind by the morning 😉 )


Naomi Sirmans XOXO




  1. Noel O'Leary says

    Hi Naomi

    I presume you found your car – amazing what Zouk can do



  2. Hi Naomi!

    So glad we’ve connected! I am seriously loving your blog and I have now bookmarked it and will be checking it out regularly!

    Keep up the great positive work and writing you do!

    Best wishes from me in Cornwall UK


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