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flame of success

Success is how you run the race

I’m starting to realize success isn’t a destination.   For a long time I have equated success with achieving certain goals. Lately, I am realising success is a journey, moreso than a destination. Circumstances are second to attitude. We all face hard times. We all face setbacks. Success is the way we handle those setbacks. Do we let them hold us back? Do we choose to learn, even from our own failures? If we fall, and mess up, do we allow our failure to discourage us or do we take it as an opportunity to learn and grow and get back up? There are times when circumstances, people and maybe even our own minds, tell us we can’t do something.   The odds are against us. Yet, there is an inner flame that quietly flickers – “you can do it”. Success is choosing to feed that flame. Success when nobody believes in you I read an article about famous celebrities who were rejected. Walt Disney was fired from the Kansas City Star and told he “lacked imagination …